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KUEISN Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. has reached cooperation with Lanjun New Energy,Jointly Creating a New Era in the Photovoltaic New Energy Industry
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Release time: 2023-05-26

Shanghai),(5month25day — KUEISN Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as“ KUEISN ”)Helan Jun New Energy(hereinafter referred to as“Lan Jun”)Happily announce,Both parties have reached a strategic partnership,Jointly committed to promoting the development of the photovoltaic new energy industry。

KUEISN It's a company in the transmission industryequipmentEnterprises with excellent reputation in the field,Focusing on providing high-performance and reliable transmission solutions for various industrial applications。For many years, KUEISN With its outstanding craftsmanship and technical strength,Won widespread praise and trust。 KUEISN ofTransmission equipment with its high precision、Known for high torque output and long lifespan,Meets the demanding requirements of various industries。

Lan Junnew energyMastering the world's leading research and development of lithium-ion batteries for automotive and energy storage。 KUEISN Helan Jun New EnergyofCooperation will be further strengthenednew energyindustryofsupply chain,And provide more advanced services for the industry、Efficient transmission equipment solutions。 KUEISN transmissionequipmentWith its excellenceofTechnical and manufacturing capabilities,byLan Junnew energyProvide customizationoftransmissionsystem,To meet the needs of their project。

The high demand for equipment in the new energy industry cannot be ignored。Due toNew energy industrySpecificity,Its equipment must maintain stable and efficient operation under harsh environmental conditions。 KUEISN With its expertiseofTechnical team and advancedofproductionequipment,be able tobyLan JunProvide high performance、Durable transmission equipment,To ensure thatequipmentReliability and Persistence of。

KUEISN oftransmissionequipmentstayphotovoltaicSignificant advantages in the new energy industry。first, KUEISN ofHigh product accuracy,Capable of achieving precise power transmission and control,thus。secondly, KUEISN oftransmissionequipmentExcellentofTorque output characteristics,Stable operation under complex operating conditions,ensurephotovoltaicsystemofstability and reliability 。in addition, KUEISN oftransmissionequipmentAdopting advanced technologyofMaterials and manufacturing processes,Excellent wear and corrosion resistance,Able to adaptphotovoltaicsystemLong term operationofdemand。

KUEISN Transmission Equipment Co., LtdHelan Jun New EnergyofCooperation will be further strengthenedphotovoltaicnew energyindustryofdevelop。Two companies will jointly develop innovative transmission technology,To improvephotovoltaicsystemofPerformance and efficiency。By complementing each other's strengths,Both parties will jointly promotephotovoltaicnew energytechnologyofbreak through,Make greater contributions to sustainable development in the field of clean energy。Bringing greater reliability to the new energy industry、Efficient transmission solutions。Both parties will work together,To meet the operational requirements under complex operating conditions,And make greater contributions to promoting the popularization and application of clean energy。

about KUEISN :

KUEISN It is a research and development company、design、A supplier that integrates sales,It is an original accessoryequipmentAnd spare partsindustryofdevelopType and service partners。
In the industrial market sector,We are constantly developing、Innovation to Meet CustomersstayIndustrial original supporting equipmentequipment.Special transmission requirements on the。Our application centric testing technology,Helps with product development、Protecting resources and the environment。According to the requirements of industrial development,We have utilized economical and environmentally friendly performance parameters,Satisfying market demand for synchronous belts、Multi wedge belt、PUSynchronous belt、Synchronous beltround、Herringbone toothed pulley、Multi wedge beltroundetc.transmissionsystemproductofrequirement。Successfully completed the integration of the company's existing resourcesaboutExcellent materialstechnologyas well asdesignoftransmissionprogramme,byMechanical andequipmentproductionBusiness has opened up vast possibilitiesofspace。

aboutLan Junnew energy:

ShanghaiLan Junnew energyTechnology Co., Ltd. is the Battery Research Institute of China Electric Vehicle AssociationofImportant members,Mainly engaged in the research and development of advanced automotive and energy storage lithium-ion batteries、Production and sales。

Its research and development team is composed of10Composed of several top experts in the new energy battery industry both domestically and internationally,All core members have over ten years of experience in the industry,Mastering the world's leading research and development of lithium-ion batteries for automotive and energy storage、Production and application technology。

The company has conquered and mastered the material preparation of large-scale energy storage batteries、Modification technology,And inherent safety challenges of battery cells,Uniqueoflow costdesignAnd processing technology,Efficient system grouping technology,Ensuring low cost while significantly surpassing the service life of similar products in the market,Technology has unique innovation and leadership。